C&M Transplanters

C&M (CHECCHI & MAGLI) Transplanters provide quality built vegetable, hemp and tobacco transplanters (or setters) with innovation that makes them the most efficient transplanters on the market.

The company was founded in 1976 , assuming its brand-name from its founders, Mr. Nerio Checchi and Mr. Giovanni Magli, who are still engaged in the company’s commercial and technological development.

At present, besides approximately 300 sales points in Italy , the company has 180 additional sales points in Europe , Asia , America , Africa and Oceania.

Besides our innovative technology and quality built machines, we attribute part of our success to responding quickly to the needs and demands of the market in creating new features and products.

C&M has been the #1 selling transplanter in the California vegetable market for years. It is now the #1 choice for tobacco setters and has now overtaken the continuous and rapidly¬† emerging hemp market due to it’s outstanding features of adjustability, low maintenance, ease of use, and the fact that… “IT REALLY WORKS!”

For more information please contact:
Grant Allen, the North American Sales Rep with the info in the header or on the Contact Form.