About Us

Allen International, Inc. was founded in 1993 after Grant Allen completed 7 years with the Italian Trade Commission in Atlanta, GA where he formulated and directed efforts to promote farm equipment between Italy and the United States.    With over 33 years experience in working with the farm equipment industry, Allen International, Inc. has a long history for successfully helping North American importers source the finest Italian farm and irrigation equipment.   The Italian companies we represent are proven industry leaders and have been established in this market for many years – with parts and tech support in place to help our importers on a daily basis.   Communicating with Italy is vital to our success and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to help our many importers care for their many customers.

Our mission and focus has always been to effectively introduce and establish distribution for quality Italian farm and irrigation equipment lines that we represent.   We have grown over the years with the attitude of “whatever it takes” to help our many importers grow with us.   Key to our success has been the emphasis we place on parts availability and tech support.

A note about Italy and the farm equipment industry.   Italy is about the size of the U.S. state of Arizona and has close to 60 million people (while Arizona has close to 6 million).   With so many people living in a relatively small country, it has created the need to maximize efficiencies in farm production.  While north American manufacturers thrive on producing the best farm equipment for large farms – the Italian farm industry has a long history of producing the best equipment targeted for small farm applications…..with the emphasis of getting the most productivity out of the limited land they have available for farming.

While the average farm size in north America is now over 500 acres, we require large farm equipment and these large manufactures like John Deere and others focus on what they do and do best.   Since the average farm in Italy however is under 100 acres, and they specialize in vegetable production, Italy’s focus is on producing small farm equipment for the world.  Indeed, even well established manufacturers like John Deere and Kubota have some of their small farm equipment made in Italy under a private label agreement and is sold here under their respective names and colors.  Allen International, Inc. continues to market some of our products as well through private label in order to reach additional markets.

With close to 200 importers, Allen International, Inc. is committed to bringing proven innovative equipment to help meet the needs of the north American farmer.  Mr. Allen has worked with Italian farm equipment manufacturers for more than 33 years. From visiting with dealers to help them understand and market our machines to going out in the fields with the dealers and farmers to demo and teach about our equipment, Grant loves the variety of his work that takes him all over North America meeting wonderful people along the way.

Teresa Allen works in the office helping things run smoothly. With a background in graphics she also works with creating ads, signs, websites and other advertising & tech media. She occasionally travels with Grant for trade shows and to visit our dealers and importers.

For more information you may contact Grant on our “Contact” page or with the information on our header.