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Allen International has been in business for over 26 years, representing niche and innovative farm equipment from renowned Italian manufacturers, the top country for producing small to mid-size agricultural equipment. We introduce and bring these top lines of equipment to North American through local dealers and importers so farmers can have access to premiere lines of equipment otherwise not available in this market.

OCMIS Irrigation is the world leader in manufacturing hose reel irrigators (travelers), irrigation booms and engine pumps. Present in the US market for over 21 years and is now the market leader.

C&M (Checchi & Magli) Transplanters  produces the most efficient line of patented transplanters on the market.  Also produces potato diggers, potato planters, cultivators & plastic layers and bed shapers.  Established in the US market for over 16 years.             


Rinieri specializes in manufacturing innovative orchard and vineyard equipment. With 100 years of history and many models, we have exactly the right experience, knowledge and machine for your specific application.